Reaching out to Bloggers

One of my hopes for The River Boy was getting the story to readers I've never met and probably never will. This is one reason why I took copies of the book to libraries. I loved the idea of someone finding the book on the bookshelves and taking it home - as I did with so many wondrously good novels during the long summers of childhood.

Another way was to contact bloggers who write about children's books. After searching, I gathered a list of bloggers who were willing to read self-published books. Out of these, two replied back to me, willing to read the book and review it. The blogs were award-winning sites, well-written by passionate readers; I could not have been more excited. These blogs were:

Children's Books Heal and

Bookworm for Kids

I share this here to encourage you to reach out with your writing. I know a few people out there who are self-published . . . it's hard to know how to carry out your own promotion, but it's usually worth it. What good content - and good people - you get to connect with. AND a new circle of readers forms through virtual connections!

Blessings for the writing journey, my friends!