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Everything Far Becomes Near

by Ann Conway

Finch & Fellow is very proud to announce its newest book . . .

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“Prepare yourself to be drawn into Ann Conway’s cinematic portrayal of literal and inner spheres—where ‘everything far becomes near,’ where vulnerability meets unflinching witness to histories and to hope. Here is a rich mixture of longing, divinity, ghosts and paradox. Conway brings local places and particular people to the page and layers her testimony with the ineffable muffle of deafness, creating a personal soundtrack to the human condition, muted and vibrant with ‘heartsounds.’”

Jennifer Wallace, author of Almost Entirely

“Ann Conway’s poems do indeed take us ‘far,’ but they also take us deep and near—into gritty places and complex people. Every poem, every word feels lived-in and pulses with beauty and perception.”

Leslie Leyland Fields, author of The Wonder Years: 40 Women Over 40 on Aging, Faith, Beauty and Strength

“In deceptively simple and wonderfully crafted lines, Ann Conway casts an unblinking eye across generations of a New England family and their neighbors: parents whose ‘histories were vises tight around the soul,’ the indomitable and life-affirming Aunt Gabe, a psychologically fragile brother, unorthodox teachers, and wraithlike, judgmental coworkers. Then she turns that unsentimental gaze on her own voyage into familial deafness before blending these narratives into a vision of compassion and attentive presence. These poems are lovely, unpretentious, and powerful.”  

Brian Volck, author of Attending Others: A Doctor’s Education in Bodies and Words