"giver of form"


"This is why God as creator is called dator formarum, 'giver of form,' the latter word needing to be understood in the philosophical sense which naturally goes beyond the concept of the visible or material form, and designates the whole nature as being under consideration . . . 

 . . . the artisan's gestures are a reflection of this divine activity, and are like its continuation, whether is be the gestures of the quarryman, the potter, or any other artisan."

- Jean Hani, Divine Craftsmanship: Preliminaries to a Spirituality of Work

A Nook of One's Own

Our townhouse is a bit cramped for space, and I was running out of bookshelves. I was also feeling the lack of a quiet corner to read. So, with a bit of brainstorming and elbow grease, my family and I worked together to transform that space beneath the stairs (which was a heap of bikes and wetsuits) into an inviting, cozy, serviceable nook. 

Like how the smell of salt-air or the caw of seagulls takes your mind to the seas, just walking by makes me wonder what's next in the book I'm reading . . . and writing . . . 

Where do you like to read?